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Paediatric neurologist, Master in Neuroscience, PI of the “Synaptic Metabolism Laboratory” at the Fundació Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona. Founder of the “Connecting the growing brain” project.

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Neurotransmitter focused course

Course of the Recordati Rare Diseases Foundation This course is aimed at clinicians with a basic knowledge of inborn errors of neurotransmitter, pterin and folate metabolisms who are working a metabolic or child neurology clinic. Both adult and childhood disease will be covered so it is suitable for practitioners in both areas. This course is […]

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B-Debate “Connecting the Growing Brain”

“Connecting the growing brain” is a workshop that belong to the B-Debate series. It will take place in November 26 and 27 at the Science Museum of Barcelona. Clinicians and researchers from different countries in Europe and from the USA will meet  to discuss about mechanisms of neurotransmission and synaptic communication in neuropaediatric disorders. We […]

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iNTD: International Working Group on Neurotransmitter Disorders

Connecting the Growing Brain is the web-based information platform of the international project for the study of neurotransmitter disorders iNTD The “International Working Group on Neurotransmitter Related Disorders” (iNTD) includes different centers from Europe, the United States and Asia. It consists of three Networks. Network I: the major goal of this network is to set-up […]

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Los protones también son neurotransmisores

Investigaciones recientes llevadas a cabo por Du y colaboradores, muestran que los protones cumplen criterios para ser considerados neurotransmisores. Éstos son liberados desde la neurona presináptica y activan un tipo especial de receptores post-sinápticos, los canales iónicos sensibles al medio ácido, o ASICs (acidsensing ion channels). Se trata de canales permeables al Na+ y al Ca2+ que son activados por la acidosis extracelular.

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De Neu: Asociación pacientes defectos ntransmisores

Las asociaciones de pacientes realizan tareas de enorme interés. En el campo de las enfermedades raras, éstas parecen aún más necesarias. Se está creando una asociación de pacientes y familiares afectos de enfermedades de los neurotransmisores (errores congénitos del metabolismo de los neurotransmisores). Su nombre es: De Neu. Asociación De Enfermedades de los Neurotransmisores. Estas […]

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