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Paediatrician and Master in Neuroscience. Currently attending a neurometabolism fellowship at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona.

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Adequate care for children protects their brain development

Caregivers’ support is crucial to mitigating negative effects of poverty. Poverty impacts brain development negatively. But if parents provide adequate support they can ameliorate those effects. Reference: Luby J., et al. The Effects of Poverty on Childhood Brain Development. JAMA Pediatr, published online October 28, 2013. Poverty has a deleterious effect on child development and neurocognitive […]

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Interneuronas, GABA y enfermedades neuropediátricas

What do you know about interneurons? Which processes do you think they regulate? How could dysfunction in interneurons and abnormal gabaergic transmission contribute to the pathophysiology of some neuropaediatric disorders? Interneurons were classically described as short-axon neurons with connections between “input” and “output” principal cells and were recognized for their role in modulating excitability via […]

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Mitochondrial mobilization controls plasticity and axon formation

LKB1, NUAK1 and SNPH are proteins related to those proceses   Courchet, J., et al. Terminal axon branching is regulated by LKB1-NUAK1 kinase pathway via presynaptic mitochondrial capture. Cell. 2013 (153):1510-1525 Sun, T., et al. Motile Axonal Mitochondria Contribute to the Variability of Presynaptic Strength. Cell Reports. August 2013 (4):1-7. Axon formation, presynaptic strength and […]

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