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Biotechnologist. PhD in biomedicine and master degree in science communication.

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Rett syndrome: loss of balance between excitation and inhibition

Rett syndrome (RTT) is a rare neurodevelopmental disease. Mutations in MECP2 (located on the X chromosome) are the most common cause. However, mutations in other genes such as CDKL5 and FOXG1 have been reported to produce a Rett-like phenotype. How these different genetic defects determine similar clinical features has yet to be elucidated. Italian researchers […]

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Sphingolipids and brain, when friends become foes

Lipids constitute approximately half of the dry weight of the brain, their composition and quantity can vary throughout life and generic defects in their synthesis or metabolism can lead to impaired brain development and neurodegenerative disorders, both in children and adults. However, we do not know everything about lipids and it is not surprising that […]

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Small-molecule cocktails can convert fibroblasts into functional neurons

Last August, the cover of the prestigious journal Cell Stem Cell, was dedicated to a pioneering discovery made by two independent groups that obtained functional neuron cells from human and mouse fibroblasts cultured with a cocktail of several small molecules. This finding may position these Chinese researchers at the cutting edge of translational and regenerative […]

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