Intracellular Signaling


Intracellular signaling is essential for development, differentiation, survival and plasticity. G Proteins, Cyclic Nucleotides, Calcium, Phosphoinositides, Phosphorylation of different amino acids and Transcription Factors, are the main ways by which cells establish intracellular signaling in the nervous system. In this section you will find information about how these pathways are affected in different neuropaediatric disorders.

intracellular signaling

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Calcium: is all about control and precision


The precise GABAergic calcium control plays a key role in neuronal plasticity       The perisomatic inhibitory control is already known, which can control the action potential output from the post-synaptic cell. The precise level at which this is done, is for the first time described, demonstrating an exquisite compartmentalized control on the heads of dendrite […]

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