Everything a human being creates is generated in the brain. Neuroscientific knowledge is not restricted to research in laboratories or to the practice of clinical neurology in medical centres. Expressions like art or scientific thinking, ethic and social behaviour, are due to biological functions of the brain in response to particular environments.

Current knowledge about how the brain works makes it impossible for humanistic disciplines such as philosophy, sociology and psychology to ignore the fact that it is the brain that organizes thoughts and emotions. Neuroscience joins humanistic and scientific disciplines to create new areas of study such as neuroart, neuroethics, neuroeducation, neuroeconomics, etc.

Understanding the functioning of the brain can bring together art and science and give us important clues about the human condition and the way we organize our societies. This is the basis of Neuroculture. In this section you will find information about how the brain works in different areas of knowledge and artistic expression.


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Can creativity be trained? Music and the brain

Creativity is defined by novelty and meaningfullness and the creative production involves the generation of new possibilities as well as the selection and combination of previously produced ones. Several areas in the brain have been related with creativity: dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the anterior cingulate cortex, the presupplementary motor area, and the inferior frontal gyrus (see […]

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The creative brain: “the imagination network”

Cognitive neuroscientists are investigating what happens in the brain during the creative process. Conventional notions about creativity were based on the differences between the right and left brain. The left brain was considered to be responsible for realistic, practical, analytical and logical functions whereas the right brain was supposed to be involved in creativity and […]

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Official launch of the CGB network

“Connecting The Growing Brain” Network of paediatric neurologists and basic researchers that aims to understand the developing brain through synaptic communication. Today we are pleased to announce the official launch of the network “Connecting the growing brain” (CGB). We are a group of pediatric neurologists and basic researchers working together to understand how dysfunctions […]

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