Connecting pediatric neurologist and neuroscience


Few neuropaediatricians are trained in basic neuroscience.  In Europe even though neuroscience education is characterised by its broad spectrum of specialist areas as well as a rich diversity of research schools (, there are no official programmes specifically focused in the paediatric area. Schools teaching about diverse developmental aspects of the nervous system do exist, but they lack the integration of basic and clinical neuroscience in paediatrics. Therefore, most paediatric neurologists are not trained in basic neuroscience which leads to  reduced knowledge regarding the basic mechanisms of neurological diseases. Furthermore, neurobiology is a rapidly changing discipline in which new advances are poorly integrated into clinical practice. In conclusion, there is a dissociation between the wealth of information, new concepts, sophisticated resources and clinical practice.

Our project aims to connect the fragmented clinical, scientific and educational approach of current child neurology practice.

During the development of the project a “Master in Paediatric Neuroscience” will be created with the collaboration of different European Universities.